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제목 2018 전력전자학술대회 전시회 참가 안내
작성자 전력전자_편집 등록일 2017-10-31
이메일 pyunjip@kipe.or.kr

                     2018 전력전자학술대회 전시회 참가 안내

   2018년도 전력전자학술대회가 7월 3일(화)부터 7월 6일(금)까지 웰리힐리파크(강원도 횡성군)에서 개최될 예정입니다. 2018년 전력전자학술대회 전시회를 아래와 같이 안내하오니 참고하시기 바랍니다.

                                 - 아    래 -

      ◉ 전시회 기간(2박 3일) : 2018. 7. 3(화) 12:00 ~ 7. 5(목) 14:00
      ◉ 전시회장소 : 웰리힐리파크(강원도 횡성군)
          * 홈페이지 주소: https://www.wellihillipark.com/sub3/
      ◉ 부스 사양 : 1부스당  2m × 2m × 2.5m(높이)
      ◉ 참가 금액 : 특별회원사 200만원, 비회원사 300만원, 외국업체 300만원
          * 특별회원사 : 2017년도 연회비를 납부하였거나 2018년도 연회비를 납부한 업체
          * 상기 금액은 2017년 기준이며, 2018년에 금액이 변동될 수 있음
      ◉ 계좌 번호 : 수협은행  1010-1195-8960  (예금주 : 전력전자학회)

      ☞  참가신청서 : 다운로드

     Prospectus on Industry Exhibition in Power Electronics Annual Conference 2018

Power Electronics Annual Conference 2018 will be held from July 3 to July 5 in Welli Hilli Park Resort (Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do). About 800 researchers in the field of power electronics will participate in the conference. We cordially invite your company to our annual conference. With active academic exchanges as well as socially enjoyable events of the conference, it will be a great opportunity to promote your product and service.
 If you want to join the industry exhibition, please fill out the application form and send it to us by May 11, 2018 and complete the payment by May 18, 2018. We hope to see you in Power Electronics Annual Conference 2018.

   * Exhibit days and hours (2 nights and 3 days): July 3, 2018 (TUE) 1:00 pm - July 5, 2018 (THU) 11:00 am
   * Venue: Welli Hilli Park Resort, 2nd floor of the Main building
     - Address: 451, Gowon-ro, Dunnae-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea
    - Website: https://www.wellihillipark.com/sub3/eng/index.asp (English version)
                    https://www.wellihillipark.com/sub3/jpn/index.asp (Japanese version)
                    https://www.wellihillipark.com/sub3/chn/index.asp (Chinese version)
   * Booth Layout: Shell scheme booth – 2m(w) × 2m(d) × 2.5m(h) per single booth (m=meter)
   * Exhibition Rate : Special member KRW 2,000,000 won
                              Non-member KRW 3,000,000 won
                              Foreign company KRW 3,000,000 won
     - Special member is a corporation member who paid the 2017 annual membership fee or the 2018 annual membership fee.
   * General information on the conference and the exhibition is in the prospectus. Also, you can find the detailed information on the payment in the application form.

     ☞  Information on Industry Exhibition : Download
     ☞  Application form : Download